Amazing and romantic honeymoon destinations in Pakistan


Happy marriage.

This two-word sentence has its unparalleled beauty. These words bring a lot of happiness and emotions. Feelings of love, care, bond, friendship, and respect are associated with these words.

“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”
—Albert Einstein

In Pakistan, marriage is the name of ceremonies, i.e., Roka, Maiyu, dholak, mehndi, Barat, which is the actual day, and then comes the walima function. Friends and relatives are invited on these occasions. These ceremonies are just a part of tradition and culture, whereas the nikah[Ma1]  is the main event. Usually, all of these wedding functions are captured in a video camera, which later becomes a storehouse of memories. William Shakespeare has rightly said,

Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love.”

Both the families of the bride and bride’s groom have their own different cultures and traditions. All these traditions are a tiresome job for the couple. Additionally, this is a waste of money to spend on these traditions.

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It is always a good idea to save this money and trip to romantic places with your loved one. This trip will give you time to understand and love each other.

A honeymoon is called a golden period of your wedding life.  John Davey has beautifully explained the honeymoon period in these words;

“Short honeymoons are better than no honeymoons, but long honeymoons are best of all.”   

The honeymoon trip will always remain fresh and delightful in your memory.  This romantic timespan you spend in solitude with your spouse will be unforgettable. This trip is widely considered a thing of beauty and joy forever as John Keats said,

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Most Pakistani interpret honeymoon as a trip outside the country. This is a misconception. By the grace of Allah, we are living in a land of natural beauty.

Pakistan is beautiful.

Pakistan is a land of beauty and charm. It has four seasons. It has rugged peaks, villages hidden between hills, glaciers, sea, and windswept plain. Pakistan’s natural beauty is unmatched. Four seasons with different breezes, green mountains, white peaks, golden and green plains, and forests make Pakistan naturally colorful.

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Our country has the world’s most beautiful places to visit, especially Kashmir and the valleys in northern areas. These are the best places to go for a honeymoon. Here in these places, romance is in the air.

 Kashmir is known as the “paradise on earth.”

Here we will discuss 05 most beautiful, memorable, and romantic places of Pakistan to honeymoon.

As we care for you and your family from the core of our hearts, we will give you tips to make your trips more splendid and easy.

  • Shogran

Shogran is a hill station situated near kaghan valley 2,362 meters above sea level. It will be your first stop of the journey to kaghan. Shogran and Siri payee are famous tourists. This a gift of Allah to Pakistan. No words can explain the beauty of this must-visit land.

In Hindukush language, “sho” means beautiful, and “gran” means village; collectively, shogran means “beautiful village.”

It is a land of glaciers, cold wind, snow-covered hills, thick forests, and river kunhar. The fragrance of fresh followers makes its atmosphere romantic.  The green plains of shogran have particular weather importance. Walk on these treasures plains is a memorable romantic, and must have experience.

The mesmerizing natural scenery of this place will leave a positive impact on you, and you will be bound to praise Allah for his craft. The beautiful trees of cheerd give a warm welcome to the visitors of this valley.

The atmosphere of this naturally colored land leaves a dramatic influence on health. Usually, after rain, a rainbow can be seen in the sky in shogran. 

The green plains of shogran allow us to enjoy the life of camping, far from our houses and under the sky. Far away from city life problems, noises of the traffic, disturbance of the mobile phone, and increasing mental pressure, you will indeed have a beautiful timespan with your spouse in shogran.

Best tip.

A tip regarding your shogran trip is to try to be close to this valley’s inhabitants. These people will introduce you to the real essence of natural beauty. They live very close to nature.

  • Siri payee.

If you want to take your beloved to the sky even above the clouds, then you should include Siri payee on your honeymoon trip.

Siri payee is the second most attractive but challenging to travel place near kaghan valley. It is a high mountain lake at an elevation of 10,032 feet above sea level. It is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. “Siri” is the name of a lake “Payee” is the hill station’s name.


Siri is a point before the payee. This point is called Siri because of a leak, which is about 40 feet long. It is a stunning and romantic lake with always fresh water. Evergreen trees are a complement to this place. From here, the payee is above on ten minutes’ drive.

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The payee is above shogran and on its right is Narran. It is the highest point in shogran. Payee with thick forest, handy clouds, green peaks is an attractive place for tourists, especially for the newly weed couples. Here you can go horse riding, scatting and above all, camping. Here an average height of a tree is 150 feet. This is a point where you can view mountains smashing and crashing the clouds. You can witness how clouds become fog.

Makara is at three hours of travel from here. You can get there on horses with your lover.

We love you.

Here we suggest you visit “Siri” before going to the payee and then revisit it while returning. It is the possibility that on your return from payee it will be evening. And this is the best time to feel the lake’s music, romance in the follower’s air and fragrance.

  • Kaghan valley.

The third unique and mesmerizing place on our list is kaghan valley. It is in Manshera, district of Khaber Pakhtunkhwa. This valley is known as a summer resort.

It is on 2,134 above sea level. Its borders touch Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu o Kashmir. It is famous for its alpine climate, which is a climate above the tree level.

Naran Tour Packages

If you are a May, June couple, then this is the right place for your enjoyment. In May, the temperature remains below 11 Celsius. It is a valley with worth visiting mountains, lakes, dales, waterfalls, and glaciers.

Lake Saiful Muluk is also in this valley, which is associated with a prince named Saiful Muluk. The prince was in love with a fairy and waited for her for 12 years on this lake. After 12 years of wait, the fairy came and married the prince. Prince took his beloved fairy to his country, but their love story is still fresh in people’s hearts. They are a symbol of love, and their lake is a lovers’ favorite point of love and romance.

One more Tip for You.

To visit these three places, you need almost three days and night and fully enjoy the beauty of nature. You might think of where to stop, don’t worry. You can stay in the village of shogran. In this beautiful and peaks, forest surrounded village; you can find your choice and budget hotels and motels.

It is not written anywhere that you should have only one honeymoon trip in your life. It would be best if you did traveling now and then. Here we are going to discuss the second place for your second honeymoon. The location is Kashmir. Yes, we are talking about natural and spellbound land.


Pakistan is beautiful, and Kashmir is the most beautiful and astonishing part of Pakistan. Azad Kashmir is globally recognized as heaven on earth. Its beauty will make you forget European countries.

Here we are going to discuss one major tourist attraction of Kashmir.  

  • Neelum valley.

Neelum is a valley of high mountains, thick forests, and beautiful orchards. This valley is situated in the river Neelum; thus, it is called the Neelam valley. Its area is around 144-kilo meters vast. Taobat is the last point of Neelum valley after Taobat Makbuza Kashmir starts.

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There is no service of mobile networks in the Neelum valley. This valley will cut off all your connections to the artificial word and mesmerizes you with its natural beauty. There you can stay in hotels which have the facilities and are affordable. 

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Although this valley is hard to reach due to the road’s bad condition, different stations in this valley, i.e., Kohala, Muzaffarabad, Dhani waterfall, and Jagran waterfall, and Keran. Keran is a beautiful and fascinating village and is on the borderline of Makbuza Kashmir.  

You will need more than one week to visit this valley. This valley will give unforgettable memories with your beloved.

Supper tip.

When you are in the Neelum valley, try to forget your life style and adopt the Neelam valley inhabitants’ lifestyle. Dress like them and dance like them.

Don’t forget to enjoy the night view of the valley. As night is a symbol of love and romance, so don’t miss the nights of this valley. It will hypnotize you with its night beauty.

  • Leepa valley.

Leepa valley is situated 28 miles away from Muzaffarabad (an equally beautiful city of Azad Kashmir). This is another summer camp station. Here in this valley, the weather is very pleasant in summer. This valley has many beautiful villages in its hearts but most famous of them are Resian and Dao khan. The people of leepa valley are very hospitable. They are always ready to welcome the guests in their valley. They will give you all types of guidance and will provide you all the necessities.

This valley is the fascinating valley of Azad Kashmir. No one can resist the scenic beauty of this valley. Red, orange, and yellow colors of walnut trees add colors to the natural scenery.

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Leepa is called the true extension of Indian occupied Kashmir. The reason is the three stories of wooden houses in the valley.

In summer, this valley is completely covered with snow; that’s why it is very difficult for the valley’s 75000 people. But in summer, no other honeymoon station can beat it in its beauty.

Friendly tip.

This valley is the right place to have a booming fire or barbeque night party. You can arrange all by either by yourself, or you can ask for help from the people.


A honeymoon trip is very close to our heart; if you are going to be married soon, then we are here to help you out in the decision of your honeymoon destination. We have discussed places that are heaven on earth. These places will give you memories of love, romance, and timespan with your lover.

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