Elysium Inn Guest House, Arang Kel

Address: Arang Kel, Neelum Valley.

About Property

Welcome to the Elysium Inn Guest House in Azad Kashmir, where our purpose is to make your stay comfortable, entertaining and memorable. We are located in the Arang Kail territory that lies in the Neelum Valley, a 144 km long beautifully lush forested region offering majestic sights and attractions. It is named after the Neelum river, which gracefully flows through the length of the valley. Arang Kail is a blessing for nature lovers and one of the most beautiful villages in the Valley. It offers many fascinating recreational and cultural activities while at the same time being safe, affordable, and easy to explore. In a single day, one can enjoy the natural beauty of the area, marvel at the charms of the town and unwind in a splendid guesthouse. We, at Elysium Inn, endeavor to make you feel at home and provide you with an extraordinary experience, where you will feel indulged and well taken care of. As part of our endeavor to make the most of your visit to our beautiful Nellum Valley, upon arrival we offer our guests information and guidance about the lakes, waterfalls, surrounding jungle and neighboring hiking trails. Our staff is extremely proficient and knowledgeable, and always glad to lend a helping hand. There are many reasons to visit Arang Kail. For example: The wonderful views of the Neelum River and Birch Forest from the cable cars on the way to Elysium Inn Guest House. The sightings of the endangered Musk Deer, Peel Murghe (Murgh-e-Zareen) and Jungle Dove (or Fakhita in Urdu) who inhabit this region. The colorful birds and animals that can be found when exploring the surrounding jungle. The magnificence of the ice glaciers surrounding the mountains during June/July. The peaceful green wheat fields. The indescribable beauty of the nearby pine trees and other lush flora. The rare Bhuraj tree, characterized by its colorful paper-thing bark, only found at high altitudes. The natural herbal remedies that are sought after and well known in the region. The tranquility of the Lunda Sar and Chitta Khatta Lakes, both in the Shounter Valley. The exquisite and widely available mineral ores and gemstones, like ruby, peridot,aquamarine, topaz and Emerald from the Shounter Valley.

Check-In/Out Time2:00:00 PM,12:00:00 PM
SecurityGuarded Complex

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