Firhill Imperial Lodges Murree

Address: Firhill Imperial Lodges , Kashmir House, Jhika Gali Murree, 47150, Pakistan

About Property

Fir Hill Murree, Kashmir Point has been the summer residence of the Govt. of undivided Punjab Province since pre_partition days during British Rule. After partition it still held that honor as Govt. House. In Murree it was Kashmir Point and specifically FirHill, that was chosen as Govt. House for this purpose, being the Highest Hill with the Best sceneric view. Since FirHill was privately owned, the Govt was obliged to shift its residence to an adjoining hill, previously known as Shrewsberry Bush. After shifting of Govt. House the family Owners have enjoyed the exciting, rapidly routinely shifiting, consecutive weathers of spring, summer and autumn seasons from Sun, Clouds, Winds and Rains.Obviously winter is heavy snow. It is suprisingly a unique and a beautiful experience to relax and enjoy from the pressures of daily life. After enjoying Fir Hill privately for long ,the family finally gave in to the demand, to let the people also share this unique experience, hence have started giving out apartments for rent, with all facilities to make your experience as homely as can be. Services like in-room dining, internet facilties and a great staff to assist you with anything to everything. Fir Hill’s cool air, winds, temperatures,clouds and the sun help service and energise the human body and ready’s it for the challanges awaiting below. It also holds a tree, which sprouted at the same time ISLAM came into existence, besids this it is full of trees with ages of more than 500 years plus. FIR HILL TOP IS REAL MURREE WITH THE BEST VIEW.

Check-In/Out Time2:00:00 PM,12:00:00 PM
SecurityGuarded Complex

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