How Can You Improve Your Employees Productivity with Corporate Travel?


Do you know that a decent salary and health insurance aren’t the only things which make employees more productive? To uplift their creativity, travelling works wonder.

With today’s employees, who want more flexibility in their work, business travel has become mandatory. A modern employee doesn’t like to be micromanaged. That is where travelling works and boost their energy and productivity level.

Being an employer, it’s your duty to make sure that your employees are taking the time off and feeling comfortable. If you notice an employee who is working more than he should, aid and encourage him to take the advantage of his paid vacations.

Travelling with colleagues isn’t only a fun, but it also equips employees with more knowledge and skills.

Above all, it makes the employee happy and stress-free; and the more the employee is happy, the more he will become productive and creative.

Want to know more about the benefits of travelling on an employee’s productivity? Let’s get jumped into it.

1) Travelling Boosts Employee Morale:

Travelling Boosts Employee Morale
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Employee morale is of utmost importance for all types of businesses.

The promise of going on vacations is enough for employees to feel better about their work. As an employer, you should know that it helps keep their morale high, which will eventually lead to more satisfaction and productivity.

After travelling, employees return with a better attitude towards work and feel less stressed.

According to “An Assessment of Paid Time Off”, by the US Travel Association, vacation upgrades the performance of employees and improves their personal and social life.

2) Travelling Relieves Stress:

Travelling Relieves Stress
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All of us have stress and worries in our lives and travelling provides escape from that routine.

Travelling serves as stress relief to employees. It keeps not only their stress level down, but also improves their mental health.

Too many people, in their vacations, try to finish the projects and work which they have put off while working, but remember, it won’t help in reducing stress.

Therefore, corporate sectors must educate their employees about the benefits of disconnecting themselves from routine work and worries.

A relaxing travelling trip will positively impact their productivity as well as physical and mental health.

A study also shows that vacation relieves stress and improves health and productivity.

3) Travelling Enhances Confidence:

Travelling Enhances Confidence
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Travelling and exploring new places will help the employee gain more knowledge and experience about the world, and consequently, it’ll enhance his or her confidence.

An employer is a smart person and being an employer, you should know that a suitable amount of self-confidence is regarded as a key quality of strong people.

Returning with this sense of self-confidence will make your employees creative thinkers, and they may become able to take harder projects and give such ideas and solutions that help your business to grow and progress.

This performance of your employees will have a tremendous impact on the success of your business.

4) Exposure to Other Cultures:

Exposure to Other Cultures
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Travelling helps the employees become well-aware of other cultures and see things with new perspective, and consequently they become better and innovative thinker.

While interacting and knowing people from different cultures, the employee will get a chance to learn new things. Such as, it will help him enhance his communication and have enough idea about cultural diversity.

There are so many things employees can acquire from exploring different places and cultures. Such as new experiences, knowledge and understanding of the people.

Furthermore, an understanding of different cultures and regions can improve international business development exponentially.

5) Stronger Relationships:

Stronger Relationships
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Travelling made it easy for employees to talk about business matters in an informal environment. Thus, it helps in building strong team relationships.

While travelling together, employees share their adventures and memories with each other. They celebrate their accomplishments, and it helps them to build a positive image about one another, and thus it will make their bond stronger. 

Travelling able employees to better understand each other, and upon returning from vacations it’ll help them work better.

6) Travelling Increases Loyalty of Employees:

Travelling Increases Loyalty of Employees
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When an employer recognizes and appreciates his employees and offers them a travel incentive, employees are more likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards their employer.

Going out on vacation is the best technique to reward your employees and doing so will also provide them more time to interact and socialize with one another.

Incentive travel program ensures employees that your organization cares about them, and this recognition is of utmost importance in terms of motivation, productivity, and performance.

When employees are being appreciated, they become more engaged and productive, and this increased productivity will benefit the organization in many ways.

7) Travelling Helps To Be Creative In Thoughts:

Travelling Helps To Be Creative In Thoughts
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Creativity comes through new experiences. It is believed that getting out of the comfort zone, makes the mind more creative.

Similarly, when employees take a break from their daily routine and explore new places, their thoughts become more innovative, and their level of creativity increases.

Travelling leads employees to think out of the box and make them able to solve problems in new ways.

8) Travelling Improves Brain Power:

There are various important changes that occur in the brain just by exploring new places. It provides your brain new stimuli and changes your mindset.

A study shows that travelling stimulates the brain and encourages the growth of new connections.

Good brain health of your employees will keep them sharp minded.

9) Travelling Boosts Learning:

Travelling Boosts Learning
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While preparing for travelling, your mind adopts positive learning attitude. You find it easy to quickly memorize and remember words in foreign language or find it easy to go back to your hotel.

This positive learning attitude helps to increase your employee’s productivity, level of accuracy, and boosts his work efficiency.

10) Travelling Regains Vitality:

Travelling Regains Vitality
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Excessive and prolong workload accelerates your burnout and as a result of it, you become mentally exhausted.

If your employee reaches at this level, ask him not to continue further. The feeling of fatigue and mental exhaustion points out that your employee needs a break.

Travelling to a new place will help him regain his vitality. Once he is back to his workplace, you will realize that his level of productivity has increased substantially.

Incentive Travel Program & Steps To Follow

What is incentive travel?

Incentive travel is a trip which is offered to the employees by the company to appreciate them for their hard work and to motivate them. It is a group trip which is granted to the employees based on their accomplishments and outstanding performance.

It is more focused on fun and other activities rather than work and education and is also known as incentive trip or incentive program.

Incentive program works wonder-but only if you’re doing it right!

A study by Incentive Research Foundation suggests that; properly designed incentive travel programs raise sales productivity by 18%.

A well-design incentive travel program can have positive effects on your business, similarly, a poorly structured program can be harmful.

Do you want to know how can you make your incentive travel successful?

Follow these steps:

1) Determine Your Budget:

Determining your budget before offering incentive travel is the most important thing. Decide how much you can bear to spend on an incentive program.

Corporate incentive travel program needs not to be super expensive. Therefore, even a small budget is workable if excellent strategies are being followed.

2) Decide Your Incentive Travel Goals:

You must determine what the incentive travel program should achieve. Keep your objectives clear and simple so that your employees can easily understand them. These could be:

  • Increase in business sales growth.
  • Increase in profit or output.
  • Establish engagement amongst your team.

Make sure that the objectives are reasonable and achievable and, set a period for accomplishing them.

3) Explain Your Goals:

After determining the goals, the next step is to announce and explain them to your employees. Help them understand these goals so it becomes easy for them to achieve determined goals.

A brief meeting or a training session can be helpful to discuss the objectives of your incentive travel program.         

4) Communicate Effectively:

To make your incentive travel successful, you must have to communicate frequently and effectively with your employees, to ensure that they understand the goals of it. Make sure that your program is straightforward and easy to understand.

If you’ve made changing in your goal, it is essential to communicate them properly.

5) Offer Rewards:

The rewards for achieving goals should be worth the hard work your employees have put to obtain them, and travelrewards are the great way to appreciate your employees.

The travel incentive may seem expensive to you but remember, it is a small investment. You can make enough money to endure the expenses of such an incentive.

As a result of travel incentive, your employees will be motivated to work significantly harder.

A well-structured incentive travel program helps you take your business to the next level. Following the above steps will assist you in making it effective.

Final Words

There are numbers of benefits of offering your employees an incentive travel trip. Hence, every company must have to make travel a priority.

It will amaze you that how a little time away from the workplace improves your employees’ overall work performance and productivity. It will inevitably prompt your business success.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, offering employees an incentive travelling program makes an absolute sense.

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