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A trek to the wonderful goal of Hunza is an affair like none others. You overlook every single common issue and wish to simply lock in and never need to leave this town. The place from your fantasies has plummeted practical and is everything that you at any point longed for. The snow-topped mountains, the delicious greenery, the wonderful scene while the sun is sparkling in your eyes, it’s an ordeal that will endure forever. To encounter Hunza in all its magnificence, the best time to visit this town is in the long stretches of May till October when the climate is at its prime.

Hunza Serena one of the best Hotels in Hunza epitomizes the unlimited soul of the untainted and amazingly excellent Hunza Valley. Settled among six sections of land of lavish, green terraced fields and finished gardens and also cherry, apricot, walnut and apple plantations in the town of Karimabad (some time ago Baltit), this beguiling hotel mixes visitors with an atmosphere of old stillness and serenity.

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Encompassed by sensational perspectives of snow-topped mountains and the Hunza River, visitors appreciate plenteous recreational undertakings, as well as leave with a feeling of having been strongly changed by their visit.

From anyplace on the grounds, including the visitor rooms and tents, visitors can witness the greatness of a scene that mixes the spirit and calms the psyche. Enlivened by custom, Hotels in Hunza – from the social regions, eateries and rooms to the decorations and stylistic layout – joins basic pioneer class with valid touches of the locale’s way of life and legacy. To guarantee that the visitors appreciate the experience of a lifetime, we’ve made a differing scope of exercises that catches the history, ways of life and normal magnificence of the territory. From climbing to the base camp of Mount Rakaposhi or investigating the well-established forts of Altit and Baltit and Ganish Town to walking the grounds and thinking about the sensational mountain landscape, there are horde approaches to interface with this place where there is ponder and otherworldly existence.

When you touch base at Hotels in Hunza through, Hunza Serena Inn is your genuine excursion starts. In the old town of Karimabad, Pakistan, a genuinely transformational travel encounter is standing by. Every one of the visitor rooms, suites and tents at Hunza Serena Inn was planned with the goal that each visitor may appreciate a significantly unwinding stay and savor the experience of the shocking mountain and stream sees. Brilliant, lavishly designed textures and straightforward stylistic layout share the space with rich, conventional furniture, which encase visitors in the soul of a pilgrim period Kashmiri home. Visitors may look over among 17 Standard Rooms, two Deluxe Rooms and seven Luxury Tents, which are all selected with present day pleasantries, including free remote Internet, level screen TVs with link and satellite programming and lavatories with Penhaligon’s shower comforts. Each room additionally includes a private veranda ignoring the Karimabad village, Ultar Peak, Lady Finger and Baltit Fort. Extravagance Tents likewise includes a private veranda disregarding the Ganish village, Nagar valley, Rakaposhi and Diran Mountains.

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