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Hunza – the heaven on earth. Hunza valley is situated in the northern district of Hunza known as Baltistan. Hunza valley has its beauty and arrangement, it is rich in flora and fauna, has natural scenic beauty; Hunza valley consists of different areas like Hunza’s main city (Kaghan) and suburbs including Gulmit and Ultra Meadow (Burusho). Besides this, many other small towns add to Hunza’s uniqueness.

Hunza tour packages include:

Attabad Lake Hunza: A beautiful lake situated in the Gojal Valley. This Hunza lake is the result of the Hunza landslide. The Hunzakuts are well known for their skills in making houses from locally available materials which include wood, stone, and earth i.e., mud bricks. The Hunzas have lived in this valley since time immemorial and retained their unique culture and traditions. On one side the lake has a mountain and, on another side, there is a green pasture with shepherds grazing their sheep and goats while on another side Hunza River flows swiftly below Attabad bridge

Sightseeing at Hunza River: Hunza trips include sightseeing of Hunza Valley Gulmit Valley, Ultra Meadow (Burusho), Hunza Fortress Karimabad Hunza. Hunza tour packages also include Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, and other mountain peaks near Hunza valley (Baltistan). It is considered one of the best vacation spots for tourists who love adventure, bird watching, trout fishing, and enjoying the scenery.


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Hunza tour packages are available all year-round including summer, winter, and autumn seasons. Hunzas climate is moderate in summers also it has snowfall in winters while apple harvest takes place in Autumn; this way Hunza showcase four seasons at any time of the year. The Hunza valley is blessed with nature’s beauty, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, and high peaks. Hunza is a vast area that consists of valleys, one can visit Hunza anytime as there are different places to explore other than the magnificent Hunza valley.

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    […] Cheap Tour Packages to Hunza from Karachi & Lahore. Best Deals on Hunza Tours for Honeymoon Couple, Group & Family Holidays from Pakistan's Best Tour Operator. Hunza is another destination in the northern area of Pakistan. It is famous for its historical background, panoramic views, enchanting sceneries, lush green beauty, and pleasant weather. The Hunza valleys encaptivating beauty has led tourists from Pakistan and other countries to visit this paradise on earth. It takes approximately 13 hours nonstop the drive from Islamabad. The best time to visit the Hunza is from April to October but avoid visiting midsummers as the place becomes crowded.  […]

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