Luxus Hotel Attabad Lake Hunza

luxus hotel hunza
I’ve uh booked a AUD278 hotel thank you sir it’s the nicest place ever it’s a vibe
it’s a vibe you got double the view bam and then bam oh that looks good baby there’s no
better way to start the morning off than with the morning swim it’s not gonna be fun you gotta go back
oh that really wakes you up in the morning does it actually get any better than this breakfast with a view two views i’m just like looking out for
the best view i’ve ever had in my life i can confidently say this place is not worth 278 dollars
what is the most expensive hotel you’ve ever stayed in well today i’m about to hit the top of the
list because I’ve uh booked on at 278
a night hotel 278 Australian dollars around 33 000 Pakistani rupees and you think
paying this amount you’d have some idea of where to go for a reception uh i’m walking down this
dirt road thinking maybe this is the way uh but yeah we’re here in audubon lake
this is the laksa resort this is not a sponsored video i don’t do sponsored videos i’m paying
all this with my own money so we’re gonna find a way to get up there some construction going on
and uh assalamu alaikum where is check in
oh it is up here can i go this way is this nope all right thank you very much
well maybe i should have uh looked at the signs more but you’ll see in a minute why this
place is uh pretty expensive and i’ll give you a review of the experience here
and we’ll see if it’s worth it so join me as we go and check in to luxa
resort let’s go i went the wrong way so it is up here yes okay thank you very
much assalamualaikum i’m doing well how are you
so i have a booking for
yeah i’m just filming a video is that okay it’s okay very good oh what has happened over
there yeah because it’s off season so we are
just maintaining our work ah it’s an amazing view yeah i’m hoping you have uh i can pay with
card oh yes i think that is that is a relief because you’re working
yeah vlog yeah i make youtube videos wow so
very friendly staff so far and it is a vibe this is a vibe i love this aesthetic
right here and the view i mean like
i’ve stayed in pretty few nice places in pakistan so far just my first thoughts my first vibes
just like the lake good the aesthetic the vibe good and the people good
but i may as well get my passport or it would be devastating but don’t have my passport
yes i was just speaking of that and how long have you worked here for me
how long have you worked uh at lexus for just a week one week i was with
oh nice is serena in gilgit is it good yeah it’s a good one yeah what is better laksa or serena
yeah yeah i was trying to book the presidential suite but it is booked tonight yes so
[Music] it’s a good one it is still good but it is not the best there is one more right
second yeah so i saw this place i heard of this place and i saw i think
your cheapest room is maybe like 20 000 rupees is that correct around
23 000. so i saw that and i saw the other options there was one for like 278 australian and then
like 368 australian and i was like oh you can’t just half go you got to go the whole way so i tried to book the 368 one
unfortunately no availabilities tonight so we had to uh go down two i say like go down it’s still an
amazing room perfect well since i haven’t really shown the view yet
let me give a quick little rundown look how beautiful that is we’ve got the
mountains snow-capped mountains and i’m excited to see what kind of view we have
out of our room the presidential suite which unfortunately we weren’t able to get is like oh next level i’ll try and show it maybe
but uh it’s incredible thank you very much i’ll follow him yes okay what is your name
very nice to meet you how long have you been working here actually let me uh i’m going to expose
them quickly this is uh because they’re doing some uh off-season repairs
fair enough but this evening we will come here oh it’s actually amazing look at this
so this is where i actually came up from but this is the kind of view that you can expect thank you sir bam
i think this is actually gotta be like the nicest place ever
does it get much better than this i don’t think it does if you have any hotels in pakistan that
can actually like beat this experience hit me up because i’d love to stay at them obviously
with myself paying but yeah you can you know chill out there you can eat
maybe we’ll go for a swim later so we go down this way oh perfect we have one on the end that means we
have sort of that view as well as that view because if you’re in the middle you would be blocked this is it
you can uh lead the way sir let’s see what 278 australian dollars
gets you oh it’s very warm
okay it’s a vibe it’s a vibe oh is this sliding oh my goodness
all right let me uh settle down all right perfect that is mine
complimentary water
thank you very much what is this oh fly swatter awesome thanks a lot man all right well
it’s so warm in here let’s uh give a quick little tour oh my goodness you don’t want to
know what i just saw look at this the toilet you can sit take your poop
while you’re walking out into the mountains and looking out at lake uttabad how good is this oh my goodness this is
sick this is so cool this is so cool look you’re taking a poop you’re morning poop and then bam
looking out to the the views oh we’re already getting a call
hello hello how are you yes it’s perfect
i’ll have tea please
all right let’s just quickly do oh this is incredible look at this you walk straight out you walk straight
out and look at the views that you are given uttabad lake
all the mountains you’ve got snow-capped mountains those are the pasu cones and just the architecture again i keep
going on about the architecture all these cool little hanging plants look at this
and just like the wooden a-frame and uh the bed oh look at this derrick of the
deer how are you going derek that’s his new name derek the deer you got a derek the deer pillow
and these are cool oh my goodness i’ve not seen these anywhere like extendable uh lights
bam look how cool this is
uh let’s i’m all over the place this is insane uh toilet nice look at these little uh hand
towels you got some dew booty soap beauty so and of course dental kit shaving kit all
that kind of stuff the real question is where is the bathroom and i’m hoping it’s in here this one
don’t tell me surely there’s bathrobes right somewhere i don’t think there is it’s a
sad day nonetheless so fridge seven up oh no coke zero dale philip you will not
be happy will you be in here shower and doves on us do i thought it was
tough and again you just get to poop while you’re looking out into the lake how good let’s quickly open up the second view
here let me get my live reaction this is what i meant by saying we’re
lucky to have the edge or the side one look at this you got double the view bam and then bam
and uh sliding door right oh my goodness oh my goodness
look at this ladies and gentlemen if this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve ever seen i don’t know what you’ve seen in your
and then you can come in this side wow this is insane let’s give a quick little
tour on the outside you got your two little beach your beach chairs and again just look at
the view man look at this is this does it get any better i don’t think it can
and uh these like all the other people so i think that is the lowest one uh
that’s like 180 per night because you don’t have your own little private area here is 278 per night and then this one
over here this is the presidential i believe and that is like two layers you have
like a bath you got like a spa in there i wish we could have that but unfortunately
we are gonna have to settle with this which i’m happy to settle for and we got the yellow one so yellow red
another yellow purple red and i think there’s one being built over there absolutely
magnificent okay as always we’re gonna have a quick look at the restaurant oh well there’s not actually that many
options i was hoping there was a little bit more but [Music] here are the options rice
veg barbecue dessert dal wow there’s really not actually that many options
but uh oh here’s the comfort food the club sandwich the grilled chicken nuggets french fries
so tonight we will eat upstairs because it just gives more
of an atmosphere more things we can film up there and uh what we’ll get not entirely sure we’ll have a look
once we’re up there but how cool is this view you’re sitting down on your wooden your wooden desk this is
just an absolute beautiful piece of art and then bam i i like this is
i can’t believe this is like real i’m actually staying here wow
unbelievable and then uh
you can even get a shisha 4 000 rupees for shisha
wow interesting how much is 4 000 rupees around 30 australian dollars look at this
absolute outrage there’s a plastic chocolate chip mini
on my property actually i should probably put that in the bin actually but uh yeah
you think paying 278 dollars a night that they’d uh clean
your little area one thing that i want to mention is personal preference i’ll leave that
there personal preference for me is that this should probably be like grass or astroturf because
you know as soon as this rains or anything this all becomes muddy it’s very dusty and um yeah there’s
always something that i’ve noticed and that is a common theme here in
pakistan is because like tourism is emerging um sort of industry in pakistan there is
a lot of construction in every place you go so for example i think that’s the presidential suite the
one i wasn’t able to book out but uh yeah construction construction going on um not that it’s a bad thing but
obviously you know there’s a lot of dirt there’s a lot of noise there’s a lot of all that kind of stuff and as you saw when i stayed at like the highland
resort there was a lot of construction going on in the middle of the night as well but these are petty things to be complaining
about when you have this amazing view here that’s like this is just incredible about 270 degrees
lake views from there all the way to there absolutely amazing out here
whether it’s worth 278 uh australian dollars 33 000 rupees i’m not sure but we’ll see
we got the rest of the crew quickly uh osmo just said that there’s this cool thing down here look how sick this is
hunza and then you got like an area that you can get like an instagram
selfie but over here is the best part look at this stuff i’ve run over quickly
look how cool this is we got swings and then like all these
cool little like i love hunza stuff and all right we’re going on a swing
this is so like this is like instagram literally if you’ve ever seen any place
in like bali or any tropical place just this is so instagrammy oh yeah look at
this but as i said there’s so much construction like these are swings man
why is like concrete construction going on over here and over here
we are waiting for the time when you know this construction but
and then they also have sort of an outdoor area but again you know there’s a lot of
trash fires and stuff
if you thought in any of my other hotel videos i was being critical paying you know a hundred and hundred
plus dollars geez playing two paying 278 dollars is going to be the most critical video ever
everything’s gonna be perfect but like look at that kind of trash
all these rocks arjuma would you pay 200 and would you
pay 30 000 rupees to stay here i think yes but for just just for one night one night yeah you wouldn’t yeah because
if you stay here you can do all the activities yeah in one day one day and then maybe go back to korean
exactly because there are so many places and there’s so many good hotels as well in honza so where you can have great
time but this is wonderful just for one night a lot of the things that i’ve said with all these hotel
reviews is that once the construction is finished and it would be an amazing place but as i said because pakistan is an
emerging tourist destination it is going to be one of the best places to visit in the world
people are realizing that and that’s why all these developments are going on you look around there’s so many places
being built in the background there’s places being built over there because
people are starting to realize what pakistan has to offer and look at that behind me it’s pretty obvious why
everybody’s realizing why this is such an amazing country so incredible tomorrow
i’m thinking tomorrow morning we’ll wake up early and we’ll go for a dip into the freezing
cold lake in the mornings it’s very cold here in hunza and uh that water is glacial water
very cold so maybe we’ll have a quick cheeky little dip down in the water
freshen up for the day and uh you know cold therapy really gets the blood going it really you know gets you off to a good start of
the day so we’ll do that tomorrow morning all right i’m all refreshed freshened up the sun is slowly setting
down into the mountains i think i might just chill out here for a little bit enjoy the view and uh oh it’s a bit chilly out
here got shorts on um enjoy the view and then we’ll order up some dinner we’ll go up to the
restaurant see what the what on earth is that oh also the cool
thing with this door is you can just hold it there so you have like two sort of entrances how cool is that but yeah we
will head up to the restaurant shortly get some dinner and we’ll do a review of the food here
oh it’s closing it’s closing by itself i didn’t do that let’s uh get back in before we’ve dived
hypothermia all right everybody so i ordered on the phone because they said it would take a
while and it’s been about an hour and then they called me about five minutes ago to come up to the restaurant area
it is a really nice area and the food is on its way very soon but just the aesthetic of this
place i can’t get over it just look at how cool these like wooden tables are
made from real wood and there’s a huge check in one literally it’s like half a tree the tree
has been cut in half and they’ve somehow got it here it would have taken about 10 people to carry
but our plates are being served up and very soon we will have our aloo bhaji
naan paratha of course and also got a cheeky bit of chicken nuggets all right here it is
thank you very much nuggets and chips wasn’t expecting the
chips but that smells good ketchup [Music]
and prata very nice thank you very much sir oh it’s okay i can do that thank you
very much all right let’s have a look in here oh that looks good baby
let’s put that aside chicken nuggets smell amazing all right everybody food
food review time thankfully there’s no one else here so i can be pretty loud we got the prata of course it’s not
cheese paratha which is quite devastating it’s actually kind of hard to find cheese paratha in the uh in the north
but this glad wrap is obviously child proof because i cannot open it
we got the naan we got the paratha smells good it smells good that smells absolutely
amazing as well chicken nuggets and chips you can’t really go wrong with these so i hope they’re all right
chips are good [Music]
now this is so good so crispy
the crumbing the crumbs are so nice so
but this is what we really came for get a load of that let’s ditch some of
this i specifically asked no spice because you know don’t really do spice
so hopefully uh it’s not too bad but how good does this look and we’re gonna get into
some naan get into some prototype look at this [Music]
smells good very hot [Music]
thank you very much but the potato
just so like so soft really well cooked not spicy thankfully
he thought it does taste good though he really does i don’t really know how to describe the
taste really beautiful texture so i guess if you have
this you would kind of know right it is so nice yeah
it is good let’s get a little bit of it with the 9 here’s an arm
always you can’t go wrong with nine you can’t go wrong with prata you know what would be better though
cheese crafter that would be an absolute dream i’m going to start my own cheese prata restaurant
five star resort only selling cheese practice
really nice the issue with the nan though is you can’t really grab the um
i guess you can it’s kind of difficult to grab the potato but i just did it [Music]
wow it is a good meal it is you know what’s actually good now that i think about it these prices aren’t just
absolutely out of outrageous they’re actually somewhat reasonable i think this was maybe 600 the nuggets and chips
are only 400 rupees i believe
and i’m not sure on the price of the naan
and the paratom let’s add a little bit of coke cocoa and it’s crisp cold because we are
in a colder climate you don’t have to refrigerate it you don’t have to have ice with it
very refreshing all right let’s rip into some more of this and i’ll get back to you guys in a
minute i was about to dig into some of these uh nuggets but i didn’t actually show you
them really before but they’re super crispy super warm and they taste super good the sort of the crumbs on the
side must have they must have some different kind of spice or something like that
but oh it’s just like really good fried chicken
really good mix with the chips with the prata with the naan a what more can you want perfect just
those those ones thank you amazing oh the power is out it’s pitch black it’s
very dark let me get my phone out all right guys well this is a failed
food review there we are it’s back let’s go
thank you very much cheers
all right 1700 rupees i think when i stayed at highland it was around 2.8k maybe um so pretty good price
compared to them it’s a vibe out here at night you can’t really see much but just the aroma the vibe the fresh
you know the fresh like air it is uh really nice and this temperature that i’m feeling
right now is probably going to be the temperature when i wake up tomorrow and go for a swim all right well as i promised
yesterday there’s there’s no better way to start the morning off than
with a morning swim in some glacial water so i’ve got my flip-flops it’s already cold and i’m just in shorts
so i’m absolutely freezing at the moment but uh oh this is oh
it’s not going to be fun it is not going to be fun all right
oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness
all right gotta go under gotta go under
oh that really wakes you up in the morning wow i feel refreshed oh they’re looking
at me i have a crowd the workers oh my goodness
i don’t think any sane person would do that right let me get a towel oh
wow but that is actually
genuinely that is a good way to start the day get the blood flowing get the heartbeat
up get your breath going get oxygen levels going uh
it’s damn cold but it actually isn’t that bad
i’ve got a crowd behind me there are the workmen or the laborers but had an alright sleep last night
aircon was a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with they have like all these different modes none of them worked except for one and i always forgot which one worked and i
wanted it cold and i wanted it warm and then it was just a mess um but i think the
longer i stay here the more i realize that it’s not worth 278 dollars just the amount of construction
going on the uh like don’t get me wrong the view this has got to be like the best view you’ll ever have
probably definitely best you in pakistan but like maybe even like the world this is honestly incredible you’ve got lakes
you’ve got mountains oh it’s just incredible view but whether it’s worth 278 dollars at
this point in time when there’s so much construction going on i don’t think so but uh yeah we’ll go up
and have breakfast shortly and i’m going to warm up i’m going to go hop in the shower to i guess balance out
the freezing cold temperatures that i just experienced so i will catch up with you all shortly
hello good morning
yes yes please what are the options that you have available
okay i’ll just get the continental please uh fried eggs please with toast or
french toast oh thank you very much we’ll set up over
there in a minute once our food gets delivered and then uh we’ll eat our breakfast with an amazing view and we’ll do a little
bit of a review here at the lux’s hotel resort i don’t know what it is but i
shouldn’t be promoting it because i have paid 278 dollars and it’s not a brand deal so if you stay here let them know that i
sent you and hopefully they can send me a bit of money for promoting it for free
good morning just uh there is okay
just say thank you
amazing thank you very much this is lassie okay perfect thank you juice
ah juice okay that is fine
all right apologies for the pillows everywhere let’s actually chuck them up quickly i was just adding a video
ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to
the greatest breakfast review here in pakistan we need to get rid of everything we can
only have the food on the table but does it actually get any better than this
i don’t think so breakfast with a view two views to be precise but uh i’m pretty sure i’m
not sure what this is i don’t think this is lassie i think it’s just juice but i did ask for lassie so they got that wrong um
i don’t really care how many eggs do i need i got four eggs jeez louise eggs eggs paratha
oh yeah love me some paratha toast and then french toast and we got juice as well so
probably best oh this is gonna be nice lighting for this video it really is probably best to uh
maybe spin around a little bit and get all this stuff in the shop
we got a face ahead of us look at this we got four eggs we got french toast we got normal toast
we got paratha and we have some juice that was actually meant to be lassie i was hoping we could try some lassi but
honestly i can’t be bothered to wait anymore because i’m hungry let’s give the juice that i believe is mango juice
a taste test
i actually don’t know what juice that is it’s definitely not orange it’s definitely not apple
i think it’s mango but it’s it tastes like it it’s it tastes like it’s watered down a little bit it doesn’t it doesn’t have
that strong uh kick um paratha i wish we had omelette i should have got
an omelette to be honest because then we can get the paratha we can get the omelet all that good stuff but we’re gonna have
to settle with the uh the fried eggs which we might chuck on this uh this little bit of uh toast here
let me uh chuck that over here boom boom boom
i hope you can see this oh it’s going everywhere the goo the yolk is everywhere that’s
what we like let’s uh mash it up a little bit get an even spread across
the across the toast all right taste test of the eggs on
toast here
good as you can expect eggs on toast really like there’s really
no other way to put it i wish we had salt and pepper and i really can’t be bothered to call up and wait
for it but a bit of salt would be nice a bit of pepper would be nice with this as well so
toast mmm
i’m just like looking out for the best view i’ve ever had in my life blue water mountains
like snow i don’t think it gets much better than this
all right so i’m actually not entirely sure how you meant to eat french toast i
don’t really have it ever i’m pretty sure it’s just toast in butter fried on a frying pan
but i think you just ate it like this oh nice
that is damn good look at that a little bit crispy a little bit crunchy
oh that’s good not really not
so yummy have more of that
what on earth is this apple jam look at that i’ve never seen apple jam
in my life there’s strawberry jam apricot jam all that kind of stuff but apple jam
the peely bit snapped off so i couldn’t open it properly but there it is
god i don’t know who on earth would like that but i guess we got to try some lucky we have a spare knife here and i
know it’s not going to be good so I’m only going to rip off a little bit of toast and use this
or maybe we’ll be surprised and it is nice all right apple jam the first time i’m ever trying this
i mean it’s not like horrible but put it this way i wouldn’t put it all on that bit of toast like come on
strawberry jam that’s got to be the go-to option right you can’t have strawberry jam
with a continental breakfast-oh, the Prata here is really nice so this is gonna be delicious
very very good very good
it’s crispy it’s oily it’s warm
very good i just can’t get over the view
seriously look at this bit of yolk bit of egg white all wrapped in paratha
[Music] so good so good i think i’ve said it in
a few other videos but if you can’t tell i really love bread i love anything it’s like roti naan brata bread toast
anything like that and uh this meal is definitely uh some of my favorite meals
french toast i gotta start having this more often this is delicious
[Music] it’s kind of like sweet and warm
i’m gonna heat it up right now
voila in the background you might be out of here there’s a bit of construction going on there’s some somebody angle grinding um so i can hear
that i’m looking out to a beautiful view but there is like a new building being constructed right down there and
you know i’m complaining about all these things i don’t actually care about like all this kind of stuff i just want to make it like an observation and
make it as a note to people who might actually want to stay here what to expect kind of thing i want to keep it real and just like you
know spur out my thoughts all that kind of stuff so i can confidently say this place is
not worth 278 dollars in its current state maybe in the future definitely the
view is amazing um but i don’t think 278 is just not justified at this time because
it like all i’m hearing is just this guy cutting metal so yeah
i don’t know the uh maybe like 150 per night would probably
be suitable for this place at the moment maybe when it’s all done and you have you know all the facilities
ready all that good stuff then you can think about you know charging 200 plus but absolutely not in its current
state confidence say that and i think a lot of people will agree with me good morning
i’m good it is time it is time for me to depart i was
expecting you to stay with us no i gotta go back to kareem about okay hold it what time is check out though if
i wanted to stay 12 12 o’clock
which time is like after tomorrow or right now right now do you think i can hitchhike
from the road back to aliabad i do believe you can easily get
10 to 15 minutes okay perfect i’ll do that thank you very much
all right that it was the uh 278 luxury
northern pakistan experience i am off to follow this dirt road all the way
around up to the top where that little tunnel starts and then i’m going to hitchhike back to
uh aliabad we’ve gone from complete luxury to a broken traveler who needs a lift back
back home i just spent all my money so uh yeah let’s do that thank you for watching the video everybody as always chase your dreams

and i’ll see you all in the next one.

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