Naran Kaghan Road Update August 2022


The road leading to the popular recreation spot “Naran” has been reopened for traffic after almost two days of closure as there was heavy landsliding because of ongoing monsoon. The main blockage happened near Kaghan where hundreds of tourists were stuck for 2 days. The local resources reported that this was the only road that provided access to Naran and Babusar top from Punjab.

Since hundreds of tourists were stranded on the Naran Kaghan road, local administration brought heavy machinery and equipment to increase the work efficiency and finally after 2 days of arduous hard work and efforts, the road has been reopened for local traffic and all the tourists are finally returning to their homes.

The Government of KPK has also issued an advisory for tourists to stay aware of the monsoon situation and be careful around hilly areas where land sliding is a potential threat. Commuters are advised to take precautionary measures while travelling towards any of these areas especially when it is raining.

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  1. Yasir

    Can we travel to naran from 19 to 21 august 20222
    Is it safe?

  2. Dr Noureen


  3. Raheel Abbasi

    Can we travel naran khagan babusir top

    1. admin

      yes after couple of days you can

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