Neelum Valley Tour Guide and hotel booking services by has the pleasure to be head Tour Operator of the locale in culture and gutsy voyaging, we are the passage to the Throne Room of Mountain divine beings. offers an extensive variety of projects to suit all tastes and pockets including Treks, Trekking Peaks, Mountaineering Expeditions, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Hunting, Jeep Safaris, Culture tours, Archaeological Tours and Holiday bundles for understudies, old national and families, with in Azad Kashmir.

Neelum Valley has two celebrated spots; Keran and Sharda. Hotels in Neelum Valley offer an amazing perspective of both these views. Keran Hotels in Neelum Valley are accessible at moderate and modest hotel rates. Keran and Neelum, both these marvels are arranged on the waterway Neelum with see that you can’t just live without observing.

Neelum Valley is around 200 kilometers in length the beautiful is arranged toward the North and North East of Muzaffarabad. Running parallel to the Kaghan Valley . It is divided from if just snow-shrouded tops, some more than 4000 meters above ocean level. Magnificent beautiful attractiveness, all-encompassing perspective, transcending slopes on the two sides of the strepitous Neelum waterway, rich green woods, charming streams and spellbinding circumventions make the valley a blessing from heaven. The territory is perfect for trekking. A reasonable climate street opens the valley to visitors upto Kel, 155 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, of which around 150 kilometers has been midnight topped while the rest of the part is being matalled. Transports employ every day on this defeat and convenience offices are moreover accessible in the rest places of spots of traveler charge. Basic cooking offices are accessible however one needs to make his own game plans for uncommon dishes.

The charming attractiveness of Kutton pervaded in the sweep of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley . The zone is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi, is available by an unpaved street. For the accomodation of voyagers, the tourism office has built two fisherman’s hovels. Around 3 kilometers in front of Kundal Shahi, there is another isolates spot of traveler enthusiasm of Salkhala crosswise over waterway Neelum where a trout incubation facility has been built up. A tourism rest house is accessible here for convenience. Authmuqam is 10 kilometers from Kundal Shahi of a stature of 1371 meters. It is the sub-divisional headquarter of the zone and suits as a take-off point for travelers interested with climbing and investigating the inward valley. It is an appealing spot kenned for its assortment of organic product. Every single compulsory office viz bazaar, post office banks, doctor’s facility, phone and PWD east house are accessible here. At a separation of around 9 kilometers from Authmuqam. Neelum is arranged on the correct bank of the waterway Neelum 1524 meters above ocean level. It has an interesting landscape. The town has a populace of around one thousand, a minute bazaar and a visitor lay house arranged on the bank of winding stream Neelum opposite where the Indian held Kashmir is withal noticeable.

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