Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022


Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022

This article is to guide you regarding Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022. Pakistan had been one of the countries that were severely hit by Covid and both the economy and humanity suffered huge losses. And just like other countries, Pakistan put travel restrictions to minimze the damage and both the domestic and international travelling were banned for a while. Then things started to ease and Pakistan opened its borders for tourists around mid 2021 but international tourists had to undergo rigorous PCR tests to ensure that they were not carriers of the dangerous virus. It continued for a while and then in summer of 2022, Government of Pakistan decided to finally lift all restrictions and the country was open to all kinds of tourist activities without requiring to go through the covid testing at the airports on arrival. So at the time of publishing this article in Oct, 2022 titled “Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022”, there is NO Restriction on Pakistan Travel both domestically and internationally, and domestic or international travelers Do NotĀ have to go through the PCR testing at the airports.

However, according to Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022, both international and domestic tourists coming into or out of Pakistan Must need to carry all the certifications of vaccinations on them, and on failing to prove that you’re not being vaccinated yet, you will be Denied entry or exit into and out of Pakistan. Just be vaccinated and carry your certificates and documents that prove that you had been vaccinated and hoefully you will not have any problem in Pakistan.

On Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022, we may also like to add a few things that you may have to take care of if you’re traveling in Pakistan. Pakistan has been added to the list of countries that require visas for entry into the country. And here’s a list of the countries that require a visa to come into Pakistan. Also, please read some basic info about Pakistan travel restrictions update 2022 and also about some basic stuff. Please give the following article a read:

1. All travelers entering Pakistan must have a valid passport and visa.

2. Visas are not issued at the airport. You need to apply for them before arriving in Pakistan.

3. If you do not have a visa, you may be denied entry into the country. There is no way to know if you will be denied entry until you arrive at the border.

4. If you are denied entry, you may be asked to leave the country immediately.

5. Most people who enter Pakistan without a visa are able to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival. However, some people cannot get a tourist visa upon arrival and must apply for one beforehand.

6. You should check with your travel agent or airline about any special requirements for traveling to Pakistan.

7. If you plan on visiting Pakistan, please make sure you have a valid passport and a visa.

We hope that these updates help you plan your trip to Pakistan. Please contact us if you have any questions. Our company specializes in Hospitality and we have a perfect record of satisfied domestic and foreigner clients. Please call or text or WhatsApp us @ +923005889022 for further information or Trip Packages to PakistanĀ 

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  1. Zeerik Ahmad

    Informative travel update by Imusafir. However, as the situation in Pakistan has considerably improved, at the same time, the situation in China, our neighboring country is again worsening, and COVID cases are on the rise.
    Hopefully, the Pakistan Government should remain vigilant to protect and prevent any such happening.

  2. Repairsmax

    Good decision. Pakistan’s government should be careful with the protection and prevention of any happenings.

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