Places open for tourism in Pakistan


Which are the Places open for tourism in Pakistan these days?

The situation in Pakistan in the past few days have turned out to be some unfortunate series of events. Flooding in Pakistan has been all over the news and almost every province of Pakistan has been hit. The most affected region was the South Punjab and Balochistan in the beginning which later led to massive floods in River Swat and it resulted in devastation of major cities in KPK like Mingora, Bahrain, Madyan and Kalam.

The situation got worse in Kalam and Bahrain due to several reasons, first that it was all very sudden and there wasn’t a flood warning by authorities and thousands of locals and tourists had a very small time to act. The evacuation was very hasted and many people left their belongings in hotels in a hurry to save their lives. The most prominent NEWS amongst all this chaos was the unfortunate sinking of The New Honeymoon Hotel Kalam, which was the biggest hotel in Kalam.

Situation has also been difficult in Naran Kaghan where the road was blocked due to landslides on several points. Road to Hunza was also blocked due to landslides.

Tourists have been stuck in Kumrat Valley as well since the Road to Kumrat via Lower Dir was also damaged due to floods at Thal and nearby areas. One local resort also sank in the flooded stream and fortunately no lives were lost. To this moment, reports are piling up about tourists stuck in Kumrat, Kalam, Mingora, Bahrain and Madyan.

The only places that aren’t affected much by the flooding are Kashmir and Galiyat i.e. Murree, Nathiagali etc. These places are completely open for tourism right now. There were NEWS regarding some small streams being flooded in Kashmir but the overall situation is fine and no roads were blocked. The traffic in Kashmir is flowing and no tourists are reported to be stuck in the valley.

This is a very alarming situation for entire Pakistani nation and might not be the best time to go out for sightseeing, but if you can’t fit your time schedule or if you have been saving and paid in advance for your honeymoon, you can Visit Galiyat and Kashmir. And you still need to be careful about travelling and should avoid venturing far into the wilderness, because in the end, prevention is better than cure.

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