Requirements for Pakistan Visa


Requirements for Pakistan VISA:

Getting Pakistan VISA is a very easy process and Requirements for Pakistan VISA are not as hard as getting a VISA for a European country but still one might have to take care of a few things so that the process goes smooth.

Following things need to be considered as Requirements for Pakistan VISA:

  1. Your Passport must be Valid for further 6 months than the date you would be landing in Pakistan, so check your passport expiring date while applying.
  2. You should have a valid passport and it should not have been tempered in any way.
  3. You need to have scanned copies of all your important documents.
  4. You need a “Proof of Legal Residence” document as well in case you are a citizen of some other country while currently living in another. For example, if you originate from France and have a French citizenship while currently living in USA, you need to provide Proof of Legal Residence while applying for the VISA to Pakistan.
  5. Your photo must be taken recently to the time of application i.e. it should not be older than three months than the time of application and the image should have enough resolution to express your facial features clearly.
  6. The email address that you would use for the application must be active and you should have to check regularly in case the Government of Pakistan would reply you back for some reason.
  7. You should keep all the important documents in printed form in your hand carry while flying to Pakistan so you should be able to provide the Immigration Authorities in Pakistani airports with anything they ask for. You can also have peace of mind by storing all the important documents in PDF format in your regular use cell phone or laptop.

Hopefully we haven’t missed anything that you should remember while going through as Requirements for Pakistan VISA for The Process of getting Invitation Letter/Sponsor Letter for Pakistan VISA by sponsor/operator/hotel recognized by DTS in Pakistan. Our company specializes in Hospitality and we have a perfect record of satisfied foreigner clients. Please call or text or WhatsApp us @ +923005889022 for further information or Trip Packages to Pakistan

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