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Swat valley is one of the significant tourist attractions of Pakistan. It is known as the most recommended hilly area of Pakistan, it has one of the most established human advancements history and one of the wonderful view one would ever observe. Swat valley can reach through Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The aggregate separation from Peshawar is 151 km and from Rawalapindi by means of Nuwshera-Mardan and Malakand Pass is 270 km. We can without much of a stretch discover standard flights to Saidu Sharif, the capital city of Swat. When going on individual vehicles, the Motorway (M-1) can be utilized to achieve Mardan Interchange from Islamabad which takes roughly 1.5 hours (131km). From Mardan, a separation of 112 km can be secured through Takh-e-Bai, Dargai, Malakand Pass, Batkhella, Chakdara to achieve Mingora or Saidu Sharif. It takes right around 5 hours to cover the separation of 247 km.

The voyaging courses are open consistently. These days open transport offices have likewise progressed. Daewoo transports are regularly utilized for voyaging. People in Swat are additionally well known for carefully assembled adornments and beautifying family unit articles. The weaved things made by ladies are the trademark. For instance women shawls, wooden furniture, crafted works and nectar are celebrated things. They are additionally exceptionally celebrated for valuable and semi valuable stones. Swat is known for its special culture. The goldsmiths of this valley have made delightful adornments and decorations that are unique, run of the mill and local. The beautiful young ladies of Swat can be seen wearing these creative types of gems. For further details visit

Swati weaving has an incredible criticalness and has won a special status because of its imaginative and inventive supporting everywhere throughout the nation. Unadulterated silver yarn was utilized as a part of weaving previously. Unmarried Swati young ladies have embraced this craftsmanship as their interest. These capable young ladies enliven every one of the dresses, shawls, covers, bed sheets, pad covers, table fabrics, cloak, head scarves, hankies, and so forth which is to wind up a piece of their settlement after their marriage. The brilliant ribbon weaving of Swat is popular all through the nation. A portion of the Hotels in Swat and some famous places that are the huge tourist spots in Swat valley will be talked about in detail which incorporates the well-known authentic Buddhist Stupas, Swat historical center, Margazar, White Palace and Fizza Gat. Going to the upper Swat Valley Miandam, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Behrain, Kalam and Ushu will be clarified. We will likewise be covering the significant pools of Swat Valley that are Mahodand, Kundal, Khapiro and Spin Khawar. Mingora is the business center point of Swat. It is found 2 km from the capital city of Saidu Shairf. The city is popular for its shopping and has various mineral saves too, for example, emerald saves in slopes northward of the town.

Swat Continental Hotel one of the famous hotels in Swat offers its visitors a wide choice of neighborhood and mainland treats. At Swat Garden Restaurant, you can appreciate to eat your most loved nourishment with extraordinary contrast of taste which you will recall long.

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