Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Swat Valley


Swat, also called Switzerland, is an amazing place on earth. It is famous for its magnificent landscape, deep, dense forest, the swirling waterfalls, and gigantic snow mountains.

Swat is an attractive and captivating venue for local and international tourists. If you plan to visit Swat, then summers is probably a good time to explore Swat’s unhidden places.

5 Best Places to Visit In SWAT

  1. Kalam Valley
  2. Kumrat Valley
  3. Bahrain
  4. Malam Jabba
  5. Saidu Sharif
  • Kalam

Having mountains and side rivers, kalam is one of the most attractive, peaceful, and charming spots to visit in Swat. It is famous for its streams, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, and green mountains. Every place in kalam has panoramic views and pleasant weather, which makes a perfect combo for the tourists to visit. Some beautiful and notable places to visit Kalam area: Matiltan, Ushio, Ushu Forests, Utror, and Gabral. The peak time to enjoy the beauties of kalam is in summers. Tourists can do many activities here, like fishing, trekking, hiking, camping, etc. Looking for best accommodation in Kalam check hotels in Kalam at iMusafir.

  • Kumrat Valley

Kumrat valley (Upper Dir District) is an unhidden and unexplored valley of the Swat. It is situated in a beautiful deodar forest and the surrounding areas are quite ambiance and have fascinating scenery around.  If you are really stressed out or want to escape from your busy lifestyle, visit Do Kala Chashma lake, Kalkot banda, Jahaz banda, Jandrai, Katora lake, Badagoi Pass, etc. Book Kumrat Valley tour packages with iMusafir on cheap rates.

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  • Bahrain

Bahrain, another beautiful town located at a riverside hill of two points (Daral and swat river). Bahrain’s cool and lovely weather attracts many tourists to stop here to take some rest for their next journey of kalam and beyond. The best time to visit Bahrain is in midsummers. In between June to August. Some of the favorite tourist places in Bahrain are daral and Saigai lakes, Madyan. You can enjoy activities like camping along the riverside, hiking, walking, etc.

  • Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is another exclusive ski resort other then Naltar and Gilgit Baltistan. It takes approximately six hours from Islamabad to reach Malam Jabba. It is a famous hill and picnic spot of swat valley. The road to Malam Jabba is beautifully constructed, and tourists can easily enjoy while traveling to Malam Jabba. It is now a place with all sorts of facilities for local and international tourists. Tourists can enjoy ice-skating rinks, skiing platforms, chair lifts, and snow clearing equipment. Book hotels in Malam Jabba at iMusafir on cheap rates.

  • Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif is another breathtaking and filled with lush green meadows spot and a major attractive place for international tourists. People can visit the Saidu Baba shrine, museum of the Swat, archaeological sites to explore its beauty and historical importance. There are many activities like hiking, trekking, delicious traditional dishes, camping for tourists. Serena hotel Saidu Sharif is the best hotel to stay book at iMusafir on cheap rates.

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