Top 6 Destinations of Neelum Valley


Neelum valley is located at a distance of 20 km from the Muzaffarabad. This valley is famous for its streams, rivers, forests, and snow-covered mountain peaks. The LOC between India and Pakistan is located on the terror ties of the Neelum valley. This valley is an attraction for domestic and international tourists. The best time to visit Neelum valley is from May to October. In winter, the road gets blocked due to snowfall, so the best time is midsummers.

Here is the list of some of the beautiful places of Neelum valley you can visit:


  1. Patika
  2. Rati Gali Lake
  3. Sharda
  4. Taobutt
  5. Pir Chanasi
  6. Kutton and Jagran
  • Patika

Patika is the nearest tourist attraction point of the Neelum valley The huge mountains, cold weather, and green meadows are why tourists want to stay and enjoy their time at Patheka. There are many accommodation hotels at a very reasonable rate. You can also call this place as the commercial area. Many paths of the Patheka are surrounded by trees, which make it more beautiful naturally.

  • Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali Lake is the most beautiful lake ever located in the Neelum valley. You shouldn’t miss visiting this lake if you’re planning to travel to Neelum valley. This magnificent lake is the real beauty of the Neelum valley. When you walk the area, you will feel peaceful and charming feelings at the Rati Gali Lake. Book 3 Days Ratti Gali group tour package at cheap rates

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  • Sharda

Sharda is located at about 136 Km away from the Muzaffarabad. This valley is famous for its rich historical and cultural background. Here you will feel the closest feeling with the natural beauty of the Sharda. Having a cup of tea with your loved one here will bring memories for your life forever.

  • Taobutt

Taobutt is gaining its popularity day by day among the local and international tourists. It has become a must to visit the place due to the charming Neelum river and the village’s beauty. You will experience a natural beauty here, green fields, tranquility, mountains, and the fresh air around you.

  • Pir Chanasi

Pir chanasi is famous for its panoramic views and lush green land. It is a magical destination, especially for adventure-loving tourists, because they can do many recreational activities like hiking, trekking, and walking. This place is far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy the peaceful environment of the place. In winters, heavy snow, and passionate weather what is waiting for you.

  • Kutton and Jagran

Kutton and Jagran, both are located at the lower part of the beautiful valley. Being famous for the landscape, charm, and pleasant weather reveals that these places must visit. The activities which most of the tourists can do i9s hiking, walk, rest having beautiful scenes around. The AJK tourism department has also established a rest house for a local and international client. Book rooms in the famous Kutton Jagran resort at cheap rates.

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