8 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

“All things are artificial, for nature is the art of God” — Thomas Browne

Imagine yourself in the peace and harmony of the lush green hills, snowy peaks, lakes, green valleys, take a deep breath and exhale all your worries and anxiety. This is not a dreamy wish, this is Pakistan. You can experience and rejuvenate all your imagination for real in the three corners of Pakistan.

Pakistan, a country blessed with loads of natural beauty whether it comes to plains, deserts, mountains, rivers or glaciers. What a combination of breathtaking natural attractiveness is bestowed upon this piece of land.  A country with four seasons and every season full of attracting sight-seeing.

You can enjoy the beauty of nature at its peak in the thick grassy valleys of Azad Kashmir, the cloud on your windows in Nathya Gali and the brooks of sweet water in Naltar Valley of Gilgit Baltistan. Uncountable landscapes of stunning exquisiteness, indescribable in words.

It is of utmost importance to take some time out of our busy routines to enjoy these masterpieces of beauty created by the divine. Nature holds a charisma a different kind of healing power for the mind and soul.

Traveling to hill stations, staying in the quietness and fresh environment is not only beneficial for the body but is also prescribed as a psychology trick to resolve different psyche problems.

So fasten your seat belt. Let’s visit the must-see places in Pakistan.


Murree is famous for its natural attractive hills and refreshing atmosphere since the time of the British. The city is located in Punjab. Murree is one of the most visited tourist spots as it is located near Rawalpindi city and is at easy access.


The major attractions of Murree are

            MALL ROAD

Mall road Murree is a very busy place. There are restaurants of a variety of foods and shops. People love eating there and shop the handicrafts of various kinds. It’s open till midnight and becomes crowdy after evening.


Partita is the favorite spot of tourists, 7 km away from Murree. You only get there through chair lift and the cable car, an adventurous ride over the thick green forests. There are many entertaining opportunities including trekking paths, horse riding, restaurants, etc.


Ayubia National Park is a fascinating place to visit in Murree hills. The park is full of tall pine trees creating amazing scenery to watch. It one of Pakistan’s biggest national parks. A wonderful place for bird-watching. The park guards almost 203 species of birds.


A tourist destination with exceptional plant life, situated between Murree and Kashmir at about 45 minutes’ drive from Islamabad –the Capital city of Pakistan. Bhurban is famous for its nine-hole golf course and a 5 star Pearl Continental Hotel. Exquisite sceneries of the valley make it majorly attractive for tourists.


Though it’s included in the galiyaat it has its own identity of charming scenic beauty. Nathya Gali is famous among tourists with a passion for hiking. It occupies the best weather due to being located at a high altitude.

The place is famous for its fullness of natural sceneries ranging from lush green pastures and thick forest of pine, cedar and oak trees.

In summers the weather is excellent for trekking through the Dagri Naka till Thandiani, another attractive spot.

The Gali is also full of restaurants serving traditional cuisine of KPK. The shops are amazingly full of souvenirs and beautiful traditional dresses made by the local craftsmen.


Another land of remarkable beauty called the “Heaven on Earth”. The region of Gilgit Baltistan is gifted with this amazing mountainous vale. Hunza is one of the famous tourist destinations in Pakistan for the friendliness and hospitality of its people. Counting the attractive spots is lengthy though, the picks of hot bites include

            BALTIT FORT

A historical place of almost 700 years old, rebuilt again. The fort is situated at a height that the balconies give a splendid view of the valley.


Trekkers love this place and the reason is the presence of many peaks including the world’s second-highest peak K2.


Shangrila is also called “The Roof of The World” because of the height of its location that is about 25000 meters. The place has an amazing atmosphere of peace, stunning beauty, and magnificent view, and above all the magical feel at night.

Time spent there is like a dream of fairyland, no exaggeration. And if you can break the charismatic effect of the view from the famous Shangrila resort, another worth watching destination nearby is the heart-shaped Kachura Lake.

Another marvelous creation of nature surrounded by orchards and flower packed gardens.

Trout is the best treat of Shangrila.


Azad Kashmir is also known as tourist Paradise and in no way blessed with less picturesque sites, Neelam valley is one of them. The valley is bordered by the snowy mountain peaks at one side and noisy Neelam River at the other.

According to a recent research by a website, the valley is an aggregate of countless panoramic vistas above the other tourists’ charm that includes

  • Noseri Dam
  • Chilhana
  • Kudall Shahi
  • Rati Gali lake
  • Dawarian

And many more.


The three beautiful valleys in the Chitral District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

  • The Bumburet valley, the largest and the most developed valley of Kalash in terms of facilities and tourism. Domestic tourists prefer to visit this place as it is a bit modernized like Murree hills.
  • Rumboor valley is more hit by the foreigner tourists for the quiet as it is less populated and less developed than Bumburet.


The valleys are loaded with natural beauty, but the major attraction is the mysterious culture and practices of the Kalash People. There are 3 great festivals and these days the nature lovers travel from all around the world to visit Kalasha valleys. These festivals are

  • Chilam Joshi —–May
  • Uchau ————–September
  • Choimus ———-Two weeks around the winter solstice


The 12th highest peak of Pakistan, also known as Dumani, which means “The mother of mist”. The mountain is more famous for its magical snowy peak than its height. Rakaposhi has a magnetic force to attract hikers and mountaineers.

People from within as well as from outside Pakistan come to enjoy the pleasant weather ant the scenery of the place.

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