Baboon Valley Neelum Valley


Baboon is a newly discovered place in Azad Kashmir. It’s an amazing place with overwhelming beauty.


Baboon valley is the beautiful part of the Neelum valley. It is located approximately 13000 ft above the sea level. If you want to see real nature, then this valley offers you all the majestic and dream views. Tourists can enjoy waterfalls, green meadows, springs, snow-covered mountain peaks and glaciers.

Some of the nearby areas of this valley are Ratti Gali Lake, Keran, Jabri Top, Jabri Forest, Kandor Stadium, Doarayan Jungle etc.

Is it Worth Visiting?

It is a worth visiting place, especially for the people who want to enjoy snowy, green meadows, snow, and serenity at the same time. If you are going to plan for the Neelum valley then visiting Top Baboon valley should be your top priority. 

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Road Route:

This beautiful valley is located at a drive of 8 hours from the Upper Neelum. It is only accessible through 4X4 jeeps. There are two major routes to reach the Baboon valley. One is from the Kutton, and the other is link through Keran. The distance of the Baboon valley from Muzaffarabad is 98 Km. However, the road is dangerous due to non-construction.

The weather of the Baboon Valley

The weather of the Baboon valley is unpredictable, just like other northern areas. You never know when it starts raining within a few mins after having a sunny day.

Recreational Activities at baboon valley

There are many recreational activities like a tourist can trek from Dabba village to baboon top, and it will take approximately 6 hours to reach there.

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Is this the Safest Place to Visit?

Just like other adjusted places of the Neelum valley, it is also the safest place to visit for domestic and international foreigners.

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