How to Get To Manthokha Waterfall


Manthokha Waterfall is a spectacular sight to many eyes and How To Get To Manthokha Waterfall Skardu could be a little bit trickier if you don’t know. Who would not like water crashing from tremendous heights and making plunge pools below it. Skardu is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pakistan. Here monsoons are the major water providers to many waterfalls. The rains power the rivers and they create gushing waterfalls that become the ultimate travel destination every year. Take a look at such waterfalls in embedded video below.

How To Get To Manthokha Waterfall Skardu:

Manthokha Waterfall Skardu is located in Kharmang Valley Skardu, just a few klicks away from SKardu main city. You have to follow the same road that goes further from Yadgar Chowk that also leads to Shigar, and then after travelling for a few minutes, the road bifurcates into 2 roads, one laeds to Shigar and one goes straight. You have to take the straight one and after passing through some villages and narrow markets, you finally see a Road Sign on the right side that says “Manthokha Waterfall”.

The entry ticket is around 300pkr for Pakistani Citizens and around 700pkr for Foreigners.

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