Why to Visit Neelum Valley?


Why to visit Neelum Valley?

Neelum Valley is located in Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the northern region. Neelum Valley starts from a village Noseri, a few klicks away from Muzaffarabad, the state capital. Neelum Valley is probably the most beautiful valley after Gilgit Baltistan in entire Pakistan. It stretches across Himalayas and joins Karakoram in northern part of the GB.

Neelum Valley had been poisoned by the firing across LOC between endian and Pakistani army. The tourism was closed for several years because of high tensions. Due to that, there isn’t a well developed infrastructure like in Hunza or GB but still it compensates in terms of natural beauty. There are unlimited small streams and waterfalls in Neelum Valley and glaciers can be seen from dozens of kilometers away, Ganja Pahar being the most famous one and Koh e Makra as well.

Neelum Valley offers one of the most peaceful and serene environments. And if you happen to be a honeymoon couple, there isn’t a better place to spend the best time of your life than Neelum Valley. You can enjoy chilling wind on one of the highest points in AJK, The Peerchanasi. If you want to see waterfalls and still want a place away from hustle and bustle, Kutton Jagran is the place for you. If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of mountains around you with a sight of the Indian Occupied Kashmir Villages, Upper Neelum in keran is the place to be. Further there is Sharda Valley which is named after the indian mythology goddess Mayi Sharda Devi. Sharda offers the best views alongside River Neelum which flows quietly against its deadly and violent nature. You can sit besides the river and have a cup of tea with your loved ones. Then you can move further, enjoy a jeep ride to the amazing village of Kel. once you’re in Kel, you see a small mountain right in front of you which truly feels like a sight of heaven, The Majestic Arang Kel. You need to have some stamina because there’s a steep hike to Arang Kel. But after that really hard climb, you get to see the most beautiful sight before your eyes and you would eventually feel the breathtaking beauty of Arang Kel for the first time in your life. Then if you’ve still got some energy left, you move to Taobatt, which is the very last point in Azad Kashmir and there’s indian occupied Kashmir from there on. You stay in Taobatt and feel like you have travelled back half a century. It truly feels like a Time Machine and you can’t resist admiring the beauty of this region.

There is so much to see in Azad Kashmir and especially Neelum Valley and there is no way one could describe the heavenly beauty of Neelum Valley. So, Should You visit Neelum Valley? Well, why the hell not.

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