Low budget trip to Dubai


Low budget trip to Dubai:

Are you looking for a low budget trip to Dubai? Well, don’t you worry cause got you covered.

Dubai is one of the most accessible places to Pakistanis when it comes to international tourism. A normal direct flight to Dubai from Islamabad-The Federal Capital of Pakistan, takes around 3 and a half hours. And if you take a flight from Karachi, it takes even less time and before you acquaint yourself with the flight atmosphere, you’re already in UAE.

Things to do in Dubai:

There are plenty of things to do in Dubai. It doesn’t depend on which country you’re from, which ethnicity or race you belong, you can have a very great time in Dubai if you got the budget for it.

What should be The Budget for Dubai Trip Package:

Well that is a very tricky question, but the answer is very simple. You can see Dubai in any budget. Now you might be wondering there must be some Minimum Budget Required for Dubai Trip Package, and you’re not wrong, and yes, there is. To understand that, we need to break down the costs that you would have to bear while you’re in Dubai. The flights are definitely not in the question because we are discussing about Possible Trip Expenses in Dubai, so First of all you need a hotel, so the minimum hotel that you can have, goes for around 200 AED, which should offer acceptable services for a family stay.

After you have arranged a hotel, next comes the food, you can enjoy hearty meals at indian and Pakistani food markets in Bur Dubai, Al Barsha round about or near Deira. and the food there is not only very tasty, it costs very less too. you can enjoy a very heavy and spicy meal for under 50 AED.

And after you have eaten to your full and now you’re thinking about some sightseeing, you can use Dubai Metro and other ride sharing services which are super cheap, you can visit places via these local transportation services, buy cheap tickets for theme parks with a single day entry and then enjoy as much as you can. Some places like Dancing fountain don’t even charge you, so you can always look for such places and to see the Dubai to your full.

Dubai is also called a heaven for supercar enthusiasts since almost everyone in Dubai drives an exotic car. You will never get to see a non-exotic car at a traffic stop in Downtown Dubai in the night. From JDM legends like Skylines and GTRs to Lamborghinis and ferraris, Dubai has it all. So if you are a petrol head too, you can always look for local car meet ups and possibly you can get to ride one too since everyone in Dubai is so nice.

So, although it wasn’t a very detailed article, but we tried our best to give you a basic idea about where to start and hopefully you would be able to find it helpful. for any other information or query or hotel or car reservation, please call or whatsApp us at +923005889022.

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