Nagar Fort & Resorts Chitral

Address: Chitral.

About Property

The first fort north of the Lowari pass at Nagar- restored fort is very welcoming to the visitors today. Nagar Fort, at Nagar is situated near Chitral Valley, on the way from Chitral to Lowari. It was built on the orders of the then Mehtar of Chitral, Shuja ul Mulk, originally constructed as a winter resort for the Mehtar, since it is in an area that is relatively warmer than other parts of Chitral. Standing on a ridge, surrounded by water from three sides, it is accessible through a suspension bridge. The Fort has an Outer Gate, houses an Outer Court, Inner Gate and an Inner Courtyard. There are a number of Gardens that are looked after with keen interest. The fort looks beautiful when you view it from the road passing by. A majestic view of the surrounding mountains from the Nagar Fort is truly appreciable. Chitral has a unique culture, literature and architecture that are typically local and stand distinct in the world. Secluded from the rest of the world, Chitral has remained an area inhabited by people with predominantly the same backgrounds. Therefore, they tend to exhibit a collectively unique behavior that is perhaps specific to these few hundred of thousand people.

Check-In/Out Time2:00:00 PM,12:00:00 PM
SecurityGuarded Complex

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